Our joint goal for your agency is simple; increase profit and helping you build revenues. Usually that is the reason that people take risks and open up their own agencies. But things get in the way and the goal isn’t reached. Now you have an opportunity to make that happen by having an experienced team right by your side.

The partial buyout is perfect for somebody who says,
“You know what? I love my company. I love my company name. I love being president of my company, but I still can’t compete. I can’t create the value-add and some of the other perks that the big agencies can do.”

Most of the agencies that would want to partner with us fit one of the profiles below.

1: Experienced Agency
Agency with 10+ years in business
Declining revenues and profits for last couple of years
Decreasing resources and staff
No succession plan in place

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# 2: Established Agency
5-10 years in business
Not growing revenue or profits
Wants to grow, but not enough talent or support available
Doing OK financially, but wanting to grow more
Needs a partner

# 3: Emerging Agency
1 – 5 years in business
Great ideas and high energy
Needs capital
Probably a good sales person or business person
Needs some help in either sales or business

If both parties look at the opportunity of putting together our agencies, experience, contracts, capital, sales programs and technology, chances are some good things can come of it. Both sides have to be realistic to work together as partners or there is no sense in making this commitment.