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Partners Advantage Premier was established to meet the challenges agency and IMO owners now face on a daily basis. We help agencies consider opportunities to allow Partners Advantage to invest in 10% – 50% of their company, a proposition that means owners could potentially put some money back in their pockets while retaining 50% to 90% ownership and control of their company. In turn, we bring in some of our training, technology and sales programs to enhance the agency’s value, and also help to focus resources on increasing revenues. 

Partners Advantage has a driving ambition to grow with good partners and to share some of the tools and skill sets that have resulted in our success over a 20+ year history. With a desire to work closely with agencies to build long-term value for their businesses, we want to share this knowledge with select agencies, and through partial ownership, help them grow revenue in what is ultimately a mutually beneficial relationship.

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If you feel that your agency needs help in accessing one of the following:

  • Getting the strong financial professionals that you need on your team
  • A strong value proposition for your agents
  • A great training program and people on staff to do training
  • Capital to grow
  • Great technology platform
  • Enhanced income and more personal time

If you know you need these, then you should explore the opportunity of joining forces with us. Since we have built our company from the ground up over the last 20 years, we have made many mistakes. This insight make us a valuable resource for agencies who to want to avoid making the same mistakes. We have the experience and the solid foundation of a successful organization and we want to share what we have built with a small group of agencies that have true potential.

Whether you're planning for today, tomorrow, or both, there are a number of options available to BGA/IMO owners. In this intensely competitive insurance industry, it is worth taking a moment to consider a few areas that could lead to several new business opportunities.

“We are interested in buying a stake of any agency that needs help and work with owners that want to do things the right way, that want to build an agency that is respected and strong, to work with people that know that making money isn’t the only goal, and to work with people who have morals and who always want to 'do the right thing.'”
Scott D. Tietz, CEO